Kurdish Youth from the Axis of Radicalization

DS Centre for Policy Studies held a round table discussion on “Kurdish Youth from the Axis of Radicalization"

DS Centre organized a sessional roundtable discussion on Saturday, February 6, 2016 in Istanbul. The event brought together politicians, journalists, think-tanks and NGO representatives to discuss and assess the radicalization of Kurdish youth and the dynamics of this process. 
The event was invitation-only and completely off-the-record and touched on several key issues. The discussion opened with some experts’ observations in the field and the problematization of the issue. The event highlighted what motivates some of these young Kurdish individuals to become radicalized. 
Several of the discussions held at the event addressed the importance of prevention in this radicalization process. The participants underlined how think-tanks and NGOs should coordinate their efforts and work together to engage the youth in social life. The event ended with a brief discussion on visions for the future and next steps.